Monday, November 27, 2006

From Eva Kende

I am from Canmore in the Rockies where the temperature is -25 with wind-chill -34 and intermittently snowing for the past 5 days, so we are hunkered down, taking minimal trips into town for the most essential services. It’s nice to be retired and not have to go out when you don’t feel like it.

I was born in Hungary, but have lived 76.9% of my life in Canada. (If you are good at math you can figure out how old I am ) I definitely view the world with a set of Canadian values, although I love my birth-land and worry about the direction it’s taking. Those who watched the events of late September and October 23rd on the news are aware that all is not well there.

It’s hard to understand, without some historical background, just what is going on there. I believe my newest book, a memoir, Snapshots… Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain, would furnish some of the conditions that created and continue to influence the present in Hungary.

In the meantime, my first book Eva’s Hungarian Kitchen went into its 6th printing. Wow! I will never forget sitting at my kitchen table 23 years ago, calculating if the book is worth publishing and would I be able to sell the first 5000 and break even. Obviously, it was worth it, but the fact that it has such a dedicated following more than two decades later, floors me.


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